Saturday, August 2, 2008

Monet to Picasso...

So the UMFA (Utah Museum of Fine Art at the U of U)  is hosting some very big artists works now through September, and I was fortunate enough to go see it today.  It was amazing and I recommend everyone goes before it leaves our state-chance of a lifetime for most of us!  I've always enjoyed art-historic and contemporary but seeing a Monet or Van Gogh in person is an entirely new experience.  You see Van Gogh's on postcards calendars and prints in peoples homes but unless you go to see it in real life you will never appreciate those brushstrokes and techniques like you should-absolutely amazing!


Z and S said...

Derek and Kandis, Shellie and I found your blog through Candys. Its awesome you finished your degree we did'nt even know. You should totally brag more! Anyway we just wanted to say that you live in an abstract artshow we like to call Wilson Avenue! :) Peace!

Mer said...

Hey! Found your blog through Zach and Shellie's.

We need a Wilson Ward web ring. :)

Just wanted to say CONGRATS on the photography degree...I'd love to "pick your brain" sometime since it's something I dabble in.