Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hey friends in Ogden, I am coming up on October 18th to do a photoshoot marathon. I would love to photography you and yours in preparation for the upcoming holidays.  Babies, children, families, couples...anyone!  I will do an hour and a CD of all the photos for you to print and use for $30.  If you would like to join me please let me know and I will reserve a time slot!

Salt Lake Folk...If I have enough interest I'll plan a whole day or do an appointment with you too so please let me know.  

I appreciate everyones support and hope to see you all soon!

Check out the photoblog... KJoPhoto.blogspot.com

***I've had a few responses from friends of friends but I need contact info for you, will everyone please email me your info at kandisesplin@yahoo.com-thanks! ***

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ladies Night...

So I hadn't seen most of my high school girl friends in quite some time, but a bunch of us were finally able to coordinate a fun night of reminiscing and catching up.  Thanks Carley for planning it!  I had so much fun catching up and seeing everyone again, heck I hadn't even met Kate's baby.  It means a lot to me that over the years and through marriage and children we have all managed to stay close and I still consider each one of you a dear friend.  You are all beautiful women who I look up to and feel fortunate to have in my life.

Some of us still have a hard time smiling for the camera!