Saturday, February 21, 2009

A hard lesson to learn

So a few of you remember the night before my wedding-I was kind of a mess.  I had been working non-stop on this cute DVD of Derek and I's baby pictures (you know the standard reception ones)  I had scanned all the pictures and put it all together myself-I was quite proud.  It looked great on my computer.  It was going to be used for the luncheon and the reception.

So I had it done like 2 weeks early and didn't think twice about waiting to burn it.  So around midnight the night before the wedding I put the DVD in and waited for it to burn, well much to my dismay (I hadn't ever used my DVD burner) I got an error message after waiting the 45 minutes or so.  So I tried again...same error.  It would take the time to burn it and go through the process but said error open completion and it was no good.  

So at this point I am stressed to the max-taking it out on my poor dear brides-maids and soon to be husband. Who were all quite patient with me that night-thank you all! I was quite crabby! NO ONE could figure it all out.    Well we ended up getting little if any sleep.  Anyone who knows me well knows sleep is very important to me-my best friends had an interference plan for how they were going to handle it when I got ornery at the wedding.  Which I am please to report didn't happen-even without sleep I was a delightful bride.  

Anywhoodle, the other day I was doing a few things and figured it all out!  Can you believe it-a year and half later!  Well it was all in the type of DVD I was trying to burn it to, I had purchased DVD ram and I needed DVD-R.  I had mixed emotions when I figured it out, I was peeved that I was that stupid and all the stress could have been avoided, and delighted because now I can at least take it off my computer and have a copy in my home.  So anyone need a DVD? Cause I now know how to use my computer!

Picture Tag...

Here are the rules...
Open your Picture folder on your computer.
Pick the 6th Folder
Select the 6th picture in that folder.
Post that picute on your blog...and the story that goes along with it.
Tag 6 others to do the same....

I was tagged by Kyra!  Thanks-this was a fun one.  Everyone that knows me knows I have a TON of pictures-I am a photographer after all.  Though I recently have been burning all the photo's to disks so that other families aren't taking up my hard drive's space-so mostly they are my personal ones and one's of Derek and I. Can anyone even imagine how many pictures our future children will have taken of them!  Wowser!  So of the 5 or so picture folders I have I randomly picked on and followed the rules.  So here it is...

Not to exciting of a story, for the rest of you but it is for me. This is Derek and I on our honeymoon!  See that would be why I am beaming with excitement-I get to be with that adorable face of his for eternity!  We were on a cruise of the Mexican Riviera aboard the Paradise vessel.  Cruises are the way to travel-tons of food and a new destination each day!  We had a blast.

I tag...
& everyone else who would like to it is quite fun!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Car Show!!

I look forward to the car show every year, and this year was no exception. I was a little bummed that BMW wasn't there, but there were a couple others that kept me plenty busy. You know those surveys that friends send you sometimes, the ones that ask you what your biggest fear is or where you would like to retire? Well, I would retire to Germany so I could drive on the Autobahn all day and my biggest fear is that I will never own a Porsche. Here are a couple pics from the car show:

This is our next car so we had to see how we looked.

What do you think?

Someday... Me, the Autobahn, and this car.