Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picture Tag...

Here are the rules...
Open your Picture folder on your computer.
Pick the 6th Folder
Select the 6th picture in that folder.
Post that picute on your blog...and the story that goes along with it.
Tag 6 others to do the same....

I was tagged by Kyra!  Thanks-this was a fun one.  Everyone that knows me knows I have a TON of pictures-I am a photographer after all.  Though I recently have been burning all the photo's to disks so that other families aren't taking up my hard drive's space-so mostly they are my personal ones and one's of Derek and I. Can anyone even imagine how many pictures our future children will have taken of them!  Wowser!  So of the 5 or so picture folders I have I randomly picked on and followed the rules.  So here it is...

Not to exciting of a story, for the rest of you but it is for me. This is Derek and I on our honeymoon!  See that would be why I am beaming with excitement-I get to be with that adorable face of his for eternity!  We were on a cruise of the Mexican Riviera aboard the Paradise vessel.  Cruises are the way to travel-tons of food and a new destination each day!  We had a blast.

I tag...
& everyone else who would like to it is quite fun!

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Kristen said...

hey girly!!! You look so happy!!! I'm jealous!!! Sam talked me into making a blog so here i am... hope to talk to you soon :)