Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving time!

Well I know I haven't posted much lately but I keep saying that I'll get my pictures from our Arizona trip all ready and post some (but I took hundreds, literally, I think I had over 300 pics!), and pictures of this and that because that's how I best express myself, Derek is the one who is good with the words. But that sure hasn't happened, its been a super busy few weeks! So hopefully someone still checks our blog!

Well our lease on our first married couple apartment came up at the end of April. We started looking for a place in March and tried and tried for 2 solid months! I was about ready to sign another lease- Dreading another year of hearing our neighbors blow their noses and the "elephant" who stomps around upstairs at all hours of the night, not to mention no one can ever get ahold of me cause there is zero reception in our place! But then just 3 weeks ago we found the perfect place! Ok maybe not perfect but as close as you can get and still be renting. It's a duplex in the Milcreek area where we have a TON more room and no one above or below us! We are so excited and will have everyone over as soon as things are put together. So after two years in the basement and a tearful good bye with my Young Women and ward we are moving on to bigger and better. Pictures to come soon.

Also wanted to remind everyone about RELAY FOR LIFE! Its this Friday night (12th) and into Saturday morning at This Is the Place State Park. We have put together a work team and will be there all night so come down to support donate and have some fun and food for a good cause. All funds raised go 100% to the American Cancer Society to help fight cancer. Please come down and support us if you can, or donations are still being collected online (see post below) Appreciate it!