Sunday, August 17, 2008


Ok so I'm new to this blogging thing and everyone else's is super cute and ours is lame so I need help. How do I get the cute backgrounds and extra fun stuff?  Someone please train me in blogging 101!


Susie Peterson said... is a great site to do cool things on.. if you send me your email address, I will send you guys an invitation to my other blog so that you can see what you can do on it..

lrbodine said...

I use the website They have tons of free backgrounds and tell you how to do it so you don't mess up your blog in the process (which I've managed to do on OTHER sites).

Carley said...

Yay! We need to get together so I can meet your husband!

Mark and Kyra Herbst said... is definitely a great one. How are you doing these days?


Kassifrass said... is where I got my cute background, but there's plenty of sites that have cute templates! Just be careful cause sometimes it deletes stuff if you don't do it right! Love you sister friend!