Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just after Valentines day, our work had a big basketball tournament. Derek played with some friends from his branch. During the first game he jumped and some kid kicked his knee in a way it was not suppose to bend! He went down! He couldn't stand on it. Every time he tried to go back in it would give out on him. So for the next week he limped around thinking he had twisted it. Finally nearly a week later when the swelling wasn't going away I convinced him to go see a doctor. Her first reaction as soon as she came in the room was "Wow! That looks painful! What'd you do?" Not a good sign. Anyway an MRI later and we found out he had a complete tear to his ACL and needed surgery. All went well and he's in physical therapy a couple times a week but recovering well.

The battle wounds...
(a week or 2 after the surgery)

Where's your kneecap?

And then a couple weeks ago I woke up with pink eye! In both eyes, and then I managed to scratch my left eye so it wasn't getting better. I looked like those cartoon red evil eyes for a couple weeks.
We were quite the pair, him limping around and me with red eyes.

This was after a week of drops when it was supposed to be better. It had been worse...
I know, I know, he wins the pitty party .

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