Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where have they been?

You all, I'm sure, have been asking yourselves..."Where are Kandis and Derek? And why don't they update their blog?" Well its your lucky day! I finally took the time to download a few pictures and here are a few highlights since last fall when I last did a real post (oops!) They are out of order so sorry but that's just how it's going to be!

P.S. HopeKids project is still happening but we're holding off til Easter so I can capture those families in their Easter best. Plus less sickness going around and hopefully a better turnout. So donations are appreciated ;)

My wonderful Grandpa gave us tickets to go see a Jazz game! So much fun to actually be in the stadium rather then watching on TV. And of course they won!

Go Jazz!

Enjoying the halftime show (ok half-time was lame but a good chance to take a pic)

Our seats we basically next to Ryan Seacrest! Awesome I know!! We are now BFF's with him and he says I have a great chance of being the next American Idol!

See there he is-the one the arrow is pointing at. I tell you we were right next to him.
(ok maybe not but that really is him. He was on a date with some girl from Utah that I hear is on dancing with the stars, I forget her name.)

A couple of the pics from Christmas morning...

Derek's sister Kathrina gave him this totally awesome Xterra mouse pad! Isn't it great?!

Here we are (Don't judge us!! We had just woken up and hadn't finished getting ready and weren't in our own beds/bathroom)

Check out our amazing gingerbread houses!

Amazing?! I know!

This is Derek's ^^^ You'll notice there are 3 stories and a balcony and covered porch it has an underground garage (ok only in theory) and a rooftop pool ;) He had way too much fun there was even some sanding of the graham crackers to get pieces exactly right. But it truly was a masterpiece.
This is mine^^ I went with the cute smaller charming cottage look.
Can you tell our tastes? This is the ongoing argument...a nice new home or an older one with charm oozing out the front door. One day when we actually get a home this may be a real issue :)

We went bowling with my old roomates and their spouses...

The chicas...

Cute us!

The dudes!

We had tons of fun hanging out with the old gang. We seriously need to do it more often!

Sharing time...
I made this "Gratitude Turkey" with my Primary kids for sharing time.

Each hand represents a service they were going to do that week to show gratitude in the spirit of thanksgiving!
Such an amazing holiday!

Derek turned 28!!!

And what 28 year old wouldn't want a Lightning McQueen cake?!?!!?

Made it myself-aren't your proud?!

Kandis is 27!!!

We had a joint birthday party with my besties!
(Adam's b-day is just 2 days after mine)
So we headed to the Brickoven for some delicious pizza

Steve REALLY liked his M&M cookie!
What a goof!

Don't mind the pasty whiteness Derek just makes me look whiter then I actually am-I swear!
I guess I better get used to it since our children are bound to be darker then me. No I am not making an announcement just sometime in the distant future.

Sam and Me

Jess and Carson-sorry its blurry

Steve and Adam-now that's true bro-love

Went to my Family's for Thanksgiving dessert and more birthday fun!
Here is me with Porter-He loves me! I could kiss those cheeks all night!

Rocky got a new bumper!! Now he rides down the road saying "check out that nice back side!"

Halloween night we had Chyanne and Cory over for scary movies
(So I Married an Axe Murderer...hehehe)

Check out my Halloween 80's Kandis! Awesome! Like totally!! Oh how I would have rocked as an 80's teen!

And we ate scary treats!

I know they look so real you may be asking yourself "Kandis what have you done!"
But have no fear they are only Oreo Balls of Goodness. And if you have never had one you have to try it! To-die-for!

For Halloween we were invited to a masquerade party by my friend Stephanie...

Meggan, Stephanie and Me

Derek being the good sport that he is (hates this holiday!) even got all dressed up.

Doesn't he look sexy as a mysterious musketeer?!

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Heather said...

Happy birthday to the both of you!

Love the Halloween costumes!

That is cool you saw Ryan Seacrest at the Jazz game!