Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mo-town Philly back again!

So my Manager at work had these tickets to the Boys II Men concert at the state fair that he gave to Derek and I! Totally awesome! I know, I know, you are thinking "I didn't know Boys II Men still existed" but they do! It was a sold out show! They are in their 19th year as a mo-town group and there are now only 3 of them but they have an album releasing in November or something. Anyway it was totally awesome! I had a blast dancin' and singing along and acting like a crazy teenager again. Derek didn't dance with me, but assured me he still had fun. It was like I was 10 all over again. I'm pretty impressed I still knew the words to many of their songs-just another testament that, though I can't sing, I'd still kick butt at "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" 3 middle aged men doing the same choreography and dance moves they learned when they were teens, quite entertaining!

Oh the excitement!

There they are...

Sweet moves yo!

That was awesome!

Even the Questar Gas man was there to join in the fun.
You know the tall skinny guy from the commercials?...The tall one middle top in the white shirt. He moved and I only had my camera phone but it's totally him!

Afterwards we stopped by the fair and saw the pigs...

This guy was HUGE!

Ahh the three little pigs...I wonder which one builds his house out of bricks?


Karyn said...

Boys II Men! No fair! That is so awesome. Miss you guys.

Heather said...

I love the fair. I didn't get to go this year. :(

How fun that you got to see Boys II Men. I would of loved that concert!

Pieces of Us said...

Boys II Men seriously? That is awesome!

I'm glad you read my blog. Now I can read yours too! The only problem is you didn't leave me your email!

Kandis & Derek said...

Ironically Tammy neither did you and you've already gone private so I can't get it to you. If you read this it's