Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog slacker!

So I know I've been a giant slacker and not updated forever, but things have finally gotten back to our routine so hopefully these will begin to be more regular.  I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday season and got to spend time with family and eat tons of Chocolate!  Here are a few pictures from the last few months to catch you all up...

First off we can't forget about those amazing UTES!  This picture is from the GIANT tailgate party our work threw for the BYU vs UTAH game.  That was an awesome game in which we totally dominated!  We then went on to prevail in the Sugar Bowl and become the only undefeated college football team.  They even threw the team a parade yesterday (which happened to go right down the street in front of my work)  with hundreds of people-I was impressed by the turnout...

My Birthday was the week of Thanksgiving, that's right I'm a whole 25 years of age now!  I had been doing tons of pictures on every day off I had and just wanted a day of R & R.  And that's what I got-yay!  We slept in and lounged around for most the day and then to top it off with perfection Derek took my out to the Cheesecake Factory!!  Yummy Yum Yum...
Here's us at the restaurant

Thanksgiving!  If you know me well you know this is my ultimate favorite holiday!  I love Turkey (LOVE it) and I always get presents-food family and presents, what more could a girl ask for?  We had Thanksgiving with Derek's Dad the Sunday before, thanksgiving morning at Derek's Grandma's in Idaho, Thanksgiving day at my brother's and the Sunday afterward we had MORE turkey at his Mom's-I'm such a lucky/over stuffed girl.  But I enjoyed everyone of those meals.
My Nephews and I played "Super Heros" all Thanksgiving evening-check out the rad capes-that's right my big head did fit, thanks spandex!

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas Tree!
We of course can't invade Thanksgiving with Christmas like all the retail stores do, but as soon as I've had my Turkey, lights are green and its a go for putting up the Christmas Decorations!  Not a lot of room in our apartment but the tree turned out fabulous (if I do say so myself)! 

Next came more Birthdays!  Colby's was the 2nd, Kassie's the 8th and Derek on the 15th!  "Celebrate good times come on!"

Kathrina and Bea came down and made us dinner cause the poor birthday boy had to spend the entire day studying/taking his finals.

The three hole punch he was so excited to ask for!

Crazy People...

The other two birthday kids!

Gotta stick out the tongue if Mr. Potato Head does

These two were here for the cake

The Young Women and I celebrated the Holidays Utah style and went down the Temple square-just in time too, a week later it was stormy and FREEZING

Finally Christmas!  It was a fun filled crazy day!  Christmas Eve was spent in Park City with Derek's Dad and family-but unfortunately this photographer didn't have her camera with her :(
Christmas Morning was with Derek's Mom and Sister.  Then we headed down to my brother's house-and hit the snow storm down there-wow that was a lot of snow, we watched 3 cars get dug out by tractors and then decided our next car needs 4 wheel drive!  But once we made it to the house it was fun filled with food and gifts!  

This was the first year in a LONG time that I got a Barbie in my stocking!  I was 8 all over again and immediately had to get it out to play.
Bea left the next day for Italy so we got her a photo book to show off to her family

Kas and Tyson showing off the loot!

Brody was so excited about the new PJ's that he didn't care that he was tipping over his Batman chair-luckily Grandma was there to save the day.

Brody was in heaven as cars raced all around him-Derek was a little jealous.

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