Sunday, September 7, 2008

1 year!

So I put Derek in charge of planning our anniversary...and he did such a fabulous job that I think he may always be in charge of them!  It was really great to have a special weekend to just get away and be us...
We went and stayed in a cute bed and breakfast Sunday night, and relaxed while it rained all night long.  We woke up to what other than SNOW!  Yes one year ago we were toasty on our wedding day and this year sure enough its snowing, but if it had been my wedding day this year it would not have been pretty (I break out in hives when I get cold).  So we enjoyed the beautiful falling snow and relaxed until it cleared up later in the afternoon and we were able to go for a scenic drive and dinner at the Timbermine.  Oh and we stopped at the site where Derek proposed to me-isn't he so cute!
Thanks Derek for all your hard work, I am the luckiest ever.  I love you so very much!  Thanks for a wonderful first year.  

Turned out to be a cold but nice afternoon!

This is the very spot where we have a picture of Derek on his knee proposing to me-tender!

Our B & B
Morning blizzard-only in Utah do you use your AC and Heat in 24 hours
Our beautiful cake one year later-still looks pretty good and didn't taste half bad either.


Chris said...

Hey hey Kandis Jo! Remember me? I found your blog while stalking your sister's so I thought I would tell you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I'm excited things are going so well for you!!!

Mark and Kyra Herbst said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow - one whole year. It looks like you guys had a great one. I'm going to be in Utah in October, so I'll have to give you a ring.

Pieces of Us said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope everything is going well for you two!

anne said...

and you are still the gorgeous couple you were a year ago -
Congratulations - - and best wishes for this year TOO
Love you - and miss you
the momma lowe

Mer said...

Maybe your husband can teach a class to all the men in the ward about proper anniversary behavior. I can think of at least ONE that could use it... ;)

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary you two! I remember that cake-yum! Can't believe its been a year! Looks like you celebrated in style :)

CBJ said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are such a cute couple...I'm glad things are going so well. Let's keep in touch!!